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Which Baby Sleep Regression Is The Worst? - Bullabaloo

Which Baby Sleep Regression Is The Worst?

When it comes to raising a child, every parent knows that the phrase "sleeping like a baby" is far from a reality. Babies experience several sleep regressions that can prove to be a nightmare for the whole family. But which baby sleep regression is the worst? Let's dive in to find out.

Introduction to Baby Sleep Regressions

Sleep regressions are periods when a baby, who has been sleeping well, suddenly starts waking up at night or shortens their naps. The reasons behind these changes can vary, but the impact on parents can be dramatic.

Why Do Sleep Regressions Happen?

Sleep regressions happen as the baby's brain develops. Here are a few common reasons:

  1. Developmental Milestones: When babies are learning new skills, their sleep patterns can be disrupted.
  2. Teething: The pain and discomfort of teething can cause sleep disturbances.
  3. Illness: Any changes in health can disrupt a baby's sleep routine.

Learn more about why sleep regressions happen on NHS UK's website.

Common Sleep Regressions

Understanding the common baby sleep regressions can help parents be better prepared. Here are the typical stages:

4-Month Sleep Regression

What Is It?

The 4-month sleep regression is often considered the first major sleep hurdle. Babies begin to transition from newborn sleep cycles to more adult-like sleep cycles. This can cause frequent awakenings and difficulty in settling down again.

How to Deal With It?

Tips for dealing with the 4-month sleep regression include:

  • Following a consistent bedtime routine.
  • Offering a soothing bedtime environment.
  • Understanding that this phase is temporary.

Check out Bullabaloo's baby sleep accessories to help ease the 4-month regression.

8-Month Sleep Regression

What Is It?

Around 8 months, babies are more mobile and aware of their surroundings. This increased cognitive and physical development can cause sleep disruptions.

How to Deal With It?

Strategies include:

  • Keeping a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Encouraging self-soothing.

12-Month Sleep Regression

What Is It?

Around the 12-month mark, separation anxiety and increased mobility can cause a regression.

How to Deal With It?

  • Offer comfort but maintain the sleep routine.
  • Provide engaging activities during the day.

Which Baby Sleep Regression Is the Worst?

After evaluating the various sleep regressions, it may be concluded that the "worst" regression can vary from baby to baby. What might be a difficult phase for one child might not be as challenging for another.

Many parents find the 4-month regression to be particularly trying as it's the first major change in sleep patterns. However, having the right information, support, and resources like Bullabaloo's baby sleep guides and accessories can make any regression more manageable.


Understanding baby sleep regressions and knowing which baby sleep regression is the worst for your child can make parenting less stressful. Stay patient, consistent, and remember, each phase is temporary.

For more expert advice, support, and baby sleep products, visit Bullabaloo today. Your peaceful night's sleep might be just a click away!

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