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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Baby Sleeping Safely - Bullabaloo

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Baby Sleeping Safely

Parenting a newborn is an exciting journey filled with joy, but it can also be fraught with worry, especially when it comes to your little one's sleep safety. With the help of sleep consultant and expert, Sophie Sleep, we've compiled an ultimate guide to ease those concerns.

These 10 essential tips will provide peace of mind, ensuring that your baby sleeps safely, so you and your family can rest easy.

Tip 1: Choose a Breathable Mattress

Invest in a breathable mattress made from natural materials for your baby. It should not be too soft or too firm to ensure a comfortable sleep. A quality mattress is an investment, particularly in a cot bed where your baby will sleep for several years. Opt for a new mattress or one in excellent condition with a waterproof protector, as deteriorated products are unsafe. These from Purflo are ideal as they are both breathable and are fully washable. Shop Purflo here.

Tip 2: Sleep Position Matters - Always Place Your Baby on Their Back

The back is the safest sleep position for your baby. Since the Back to Sleep campaign in the 1990s, SIDS has decreased by 80%. Specific medical conditions might require slight adjustments, but generally, babies should sleep on their backs until around 6-7 months old when they develop enough control to sleep on their sides or tummies.

Tip 3: Dress Your Baby in Natural Materials

Choose natural materials like organic cotton and bamboo when dressing your baby for bed. These fabrics prevent overheating and irritation, providing a more comfortable sleep. Our zip babygrows are made from a specially woven bamboo and elastane that is super stretchy, doesn't overheat your baby and keeps them at a steady temperature. Shop our Zip Babygrows here.

Tip 4: Swaddle Your Baby for Longer Sleeps

Swaddling has long been a proven method for helping babies sleep more soundly. Always use light, stretchy, breathable material like our Bullabaloos swaddles. Swaddling can be done until the baby reaches around 4 months old and starts controlling their arms and hands. You can also watch a video here on how to swaddle or read our blog post Step By Step Guide To Swaddling.


Tip 5: Keep the Cot Clear for Safety

A clear cot is a safe cot. Avoid sleep positioners, cuddly toys, and cot bumpers. Though they might look appealing, they present unnecessary risks. Our Satin Muslin Comforters are made from an open weave of muslin that is breathable however, we do suggest you familiarise yourself with safe sleep guidelines via the Lullaby Trust.

Tip 6: Opt for a Breathable Muslin Comforter

If you want to give your baby a comforter, choose a small muslin square, knotted in the middle. It's breathable and a safer alternative to fleecy types. Shop our breathable muslin squares here. 

Tip 7: Share Your Room for the First Six Months

Ensure your baby shares your room for up to 6 months. Soothing sounds like waves can be played at night if you feel you're disturbing each other, a common occurrence around 4 months old.

Tip 8: Transition to a Sleeping Bag

After your baby is out of the swaddle, a sleeping bag is a safer alternative to blankets. It prevents too much movement in the cot and offers comfort. We like these options from John Lewis

*image source The White Company

Tip 9: If Using a Blanket, Tuck It Firmly

In case you prefer a blanket, make sure it's firmly tucked in and no higher than the chest. Choose a natural and breathable material to keep your baby comfortable.

*image sourse Safe Sleep Scotland

Tip 10: Never Allow Your Baby to Sleep on a Sofa

Never let your baby sleep on a sofa or armchair, and never fall asleep with your baby on your chest in those places. Be mindful of quilts and pillows, as they can cause suffocation.


These essential tips from Bullabaloo are crafted to provide you and your family with peace of mind as your little one sleeps. With proper care, attention to detail, and the right products like our swaddles, muslin squares, and satin comforters, you can ensure that your baby sleeps safely every night.

Visit Bullabaloo today to explore our extensive range of swaddles, muslin squares, and satin comforters and make your baby's sleep safe and comfortable. Sleep well, little one!

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