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What Size Muslins Do I Need? - Bullabaloo

What Size Muslins Do I Need?

Welcoming a new baby is a journey filled with joyful discoveries and a fair share of questions, especially when it comes to choosing the right products for your precious one. One item that tops the list of essentials is a muslin, known for its versatility and softness against a baby's tender skin. However, a common dilemma many parents face is deciding on the size of muslins to purchase. Fret not, as we delve into the two prevalent sizes of muslins available and explore the varied uses of each, simplifying this choice for you.

Understanding Muslin Sizes

What size muslin do i need? Bullabaloo

Muslins come in primarily two sizes - the standard muslin squares and the extra-large muslins.

3-Pack Muslin Squares

Blue Leopard Print Muslin Squares _ Bullabaloo

Extra Large Muslin Swaddles

Extra Large Muslins Swaddles _ Bullabaloo

  1. Muslin Squares:

    • Size: Typically around 60cm x 60cm.
    • Uses: These are your go-to for everyday baby needs. They work well as a burp cloth, dribble bib, or a light cover during nappy changes. Their compact size makes them a perfect fit in your diaper bag.
  2. Extra Large Muslins:

    • Size: Often measuring about 120cm x 120cm.
    • Uses: Extra large muslins are versatile and can double as swaddles, providing a cosy wrap for your baby. They also serve well as a nursing cover, tummy time mat, or even a light blanket.

Selecting the right size largely depends on your intended use and personal preference. While muslin squares cater to quick clean-ups and minor cover-ups, extra large muslins offer extensive coverage and snug wrapping. Both sizes are equally essential and having a mix will ensure you are well-prepared for various situations.

Guidance from Mums

Many mums appreciate having a blend of both sizes in their baby-care arsenal. Muslin squares are handy for on-the-go situations, while extra-large muslins come to the rescue for more encompassing needs.


Muslins are a cherished companion in your baby care journey. Understanding the distinctive uses of different sizes will guide you in making an informed decision, ensuring comfort and care for your baby. Now with a clearer insight, you can confidently answer the question, "what size muslins do I need?" and make a choice that suits your baby’s needs.

Explore our diverse range of muslin squares here and extra-large muslins (also known as swaddles) here, designed with love and care for your baby's comfort. Discover the perfect size and style for your little one today!

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