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The Bullabaloo Guide to a Sage Green Nursery - Bullabaloo

The Bullabaloo Guide to a Sage Green Nursery

Are you dreaming about the perfect nursery for your little one? One that's both stylish and calming? We’ve got you covered! We're head over heels for the Sage Green nursery theme, and it looks like we're not the only ones. This colour is not just a seasonal fad; it's a timeless choice that parents are swooning over for Autumn-Winter 2023 and beyond!

The Evergreen Appeal of Sage Green

The Bullabaloo Guide to a Sage Green Nursery - Bullabaloo

Sage Green is more than just a colour; it's a mood-setter, a style icon, and a tranquil escape—all rolled into one. We predict this sophisticated shade will continue to grace nurseries in Spring 2024, only becoming softer and more pastel-like. It’s the ideal palette for a peaceful nursery, no matter the gender of your upcoming bundle of joy. Plus, this versatile hue can effortlessly merge with the existing décor in your home. It's truly the chameleon of nursery themes.

Styling a Sanctuary for Your Little One

Sage Green screams nature, so what better way to complement it than with natural textures and a touch of wildlife? For the young explorers, we've added Scandi-inspired, safari accessories. Because let’s face it, kids have an innate love for animals, and we want to nurture that curiosity from day one!

The Bullabaloo Guide to a Sage Green Nursery - Bullabaloo

Textures in a nursery are not just eye-candy; they're a sensory playground for your baby. We've incorporated wooden furniture and various textile finishes, like our luxuriously soft furnishings, to ignite your baby's senses during their awake and explorative moments.

Small Space, Big Style

Concerned about limited space? Bunk beds to the rescue! They are fantastic at defining zones within a room, allowing each child to have their own cozy corner. Bunk beds also maximise floor space, leaving more room for what really matters: playtime!

Bullabaloo's Sage Green Must-Haves

Of course, no Bullabaloo nursery would be complete without our specialty items. Our Sage Spotty print anti-roll changing mat is not just practical; it’s a style statement. Pair it with our green Banana Leaf organic muslin cot sheet and swaddle blanket for a coordinated look that's as functional as it is fabulous.

The Bullabaloo Guide to a Sage Green Nursery - Bullabaloo

So, why wait? Dive into the soothing world of Sage Green and create a dreamy sanctuary for your little one! Visit our Changing Mat Collection here.

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