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The Best Sensory Toys for Newborn Babies - Bullabaloo

The Best Sensory Toys for Newborn Babies

The arrival of a newborn baby is a momentous occasion. As a parent, you are constantly seeking ways to enrich your child's life, right from the moment they enter the world. One of the most effective ways to stimulate your baby's cognitive and physical development is through sensory toys. But with so many options on the market, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide aims to answer your most pressing questions.

When Should Babies Start Playing with Sensory Toys?

Babies start to engage their senses right from birth. However, the 'ideal' time to introduce sensory toys can be as early as a few weeks old. Infants aged 0-3 months are mainly focused on survival instincts, but incorporating simple sensory toys can help fast-track their sensory development. Objects like black and white cards or rattles can help a newborn’s vision and hearing.

Tips for Introducing Sensory Toys to Newborns:

  1. Start Simple: Soft textures and muted colours are less overwhelming.
  2. One at a Time: Introduce one sensory toy at a time to gauge your baby's interest and comfort level.
  3. Watch for Cues: If your baby turns away or cries, it might be sensory overload. It's important to observe and adapt.

Do Babies Need Sensory Toys?

You might be wondering, "Do babies really need sensory toys when the world around them is already so new and stimulating?" The answer is yes. Although babies do explore through natural experiences, sensory toys offer a more focused and structured way of learning about their environment. These toys are designed with the purpose of engaging a baby's sense of sight, touch, sound, and even smell and taste in some cases.

Why Sensory Toys Matter:

  1. Facilitates Early Learning: Builds foundation skills that are essential for more complex tasks later in life.
  2. Enhances Motor Skills: Helps in the development of fine and gross motor skills.
  3. Social Development: Interaction with sensory toys can also help in social development when parents or siblings are involved.

What Do Sensory Toys Do for Babies?

The purpose of sensory toys extends beyond mere play. They serve as tools for multi-faceted development:

  • Visual Stimulation: High-contrast patterns and bright colours engage the infant's eyes, helping to strengthen vision.
  • Tactile Awareness: Textures like bumps, ridges, or various fabrics introduce the baby to different touch sensations.
  • Auditory Experience: Musical toys, rattles, or sound-producing toys can engage an infant's auditory senses.

What Toys Do Babies Like the Most?

Preferences can vary from baby to baby, but some toys have universal appeal:

  1. Textile Toys: Soft blankets or muslin squares often become comfort items.
  2. Colourful Objects: Toys in high-contrast colours, like black, white, and red, tend to attract more attention.
  3. Noise Makers: Soft rattles or squeakers captivate a baby's auditory senses.

Our Top Picks for Sensory Toys

Choosing sensory toys for your baby can be daunting with endless options available. To make it easier, we've curated a list of top picks.

1. Plant Print Sensory Satin Muslin Comforter

Our comforter is not just a soft toy; it’s a sensory experience. The plant prints offer visual stimulation, while the satin texture is perfect for tactile exploration.

2. Plant Print Sensory Muslin Squares

These squares are a multi-use sensory tool. They can be used as a comforter, a spit-up cloth, or as a toy during tummy time.

3. Plant Print Sensory Swaddle

The beauty of this swaddle lies in its dual functionality. It not only serves its primary purpose of keeping your baby snug but also provides ample visual and tactile stimulation with its plant prints.

4. Animal Print Sensory Swaddle

This swaddle introduces babies to the world of animals while also serving as a cozy wrapping cloth. The animal prints are both visually engaging and educational.

5. Sensory Pram Blanket

The black and white patterns on this pram blanket serve as a powerful visual stimulus, making stroller time more engaging for your baby.

6. John Lewis Sensory Toys

John Lewis offers a range of sensory toys specifically designed for babies and toddlers. From tactile toys to auditory stimulators, you can find a comprehensive selection that caters to all the sensory needs of your child.

7. Sensory Toy Warehouse

For a more extensive list of options, Sensory Toy Warehouse provides a wide variety of sensory toys and equipment. Their offerings range from visual and tactile toys to multi-sensory experiences, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your baby's developmental needs.


Your baby's early months are crucial for sensory and overall development. The right sensory toys can offer an invaluable boost, helping to shape their cognitive, physical, and even social skills. While every baby is different, taking the time to find toys that resonate with your child can make all the difference in their developmental journey.

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