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Really Useful Gifts To Gift At A Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide - Bullabaloo

Really Useful Gifts To Gift At A Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide

Planning to attend a baby shower but stuck on what to buy? You're not alone! Finding the perfect gift that’s both unique and useful can be a challenge. Don't fret; this guide aims to solve your problem. From essential baby items to adorable keepsakes, we've got you covered with this list of really useful gifts to gift at a baby shower.


1. Sensory Satin Muslin Comforter

Let’s start with something that ticks both the boxes of being useful and delightful. A Plant Print Sensory Satin Muslin Comforter from Bullabaloo is perfect for tactile and visual stimulation. The satin texture and plant prints are thoughtfully designed for a baby’s sensory development.

2. Baby Clothes Organiser

For new parents, organising baby clothes can be a nightmare. A baby clothes organiser with labeled compartments can be a lifesaver. This helps parents to easily find what they need without rummaging through endless piles of onesies and socks.

3. Personalised Baby Onesies

If you want to add a personal touch, consider gifting personalised baby onesies. They can feature the baby’s name, birth date, or a cute slogan, and make for adorable keepsakes that parents will cherish.

4. Baby Monitor 

A high-quality baby monitor offers peace of mind to parents by allowing them to check on their baby without physically being in the room. This is especially helpful during nighttime or naptime.

5. Baby Carrier

A sturdy, ergonomic baby carrier makes an excellent gift, as it allows parents to comfortably carry their baby while keeping their hands free. Brands like Ergobaby or BabyBjörn are popular choices in this category.

6. Musical Mobile

A musical mobile that can be attached to the crib serves multiple purposes: it can entertain the baby, aid in their visual development, and even help them fall asleep. It’s a wonderful addition to any nursery.

7. Nappy Caddy

A nappy caddy, complete with compartments for wipes, nappies, and other essentials, can make diaper changes more organised and less chaotic. It’s a utility gift that will definitely be appreciated.

8. Baby Care Set

A baby care set, complete with lotions, oils, and balms, makes for a practical and considerate gift. Opt for organic or natural products to ensure they are gentle on the baby’s delicate skin.

9. Sensory Toys

A collection of sensory toys can make for a stimulating and educational gift. Lovevery offers a variety of sensory toys that are perfect for a baby’s early development.

10. Photo Frame

Last but not least, a beautiful photo frame can be a great keepsake gift. Parents can use it to display cherished memories, such as the baby's first moments or first family picture.


Selecting the right baby shower gift doesn’t have to be difficult. With this list of really useful gifts to gift at a baby shower, you're well on your way to becoming the best gift-giver in the room. From sensory toys to practical items like a nappy caddy, there’s something for everyone in this list.

So go ahead, make your pick and make that baby shower special!

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