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The Perfect Names for Babies Born in September - Bullabaloo

The Perfect Names for Babies Born in September

Choosing a name for your newborn is one of the first and most important decisions you'll make as a parent. The name will accompany your child for a lifetime, shaping their identity and leaving a lasting impression on how the world perceives them. And if your little one is due in September, you might be seeking a name that reflects the magic and meaning of this month. September, the ninth month in the calendar, has its own unique significance and symbolism that can inspire some truly beautiful names.

Here, we explore a list of names that echo the spirit of September—whether it's influenced by its zodiac signs, the season, or other notable events or figures related to this month. So if you're expecting a September baby, here's your go-to guide for picking the perfect name.

1. Harvest Names

September is often associated with harvest season as summer wanes and the anticipation of autumn begins. Names that resonate with the earth and the bounties of nature might be particularly fitting.


  • Barley: Reflects the harvest and fields.

  • Rowan: A tree that bears fruit in late summer and early autumn.


  • Demeter: The Greek goddess of harvest.
  • Autumn: Directly capturing the season that begins in this month.

2. Celestial Names

September is unique in that it encompasses two zodiac signs: Virgo (until September 22) and Libra (from September 23 onward). Names inspired by these zodiac signs could be a celestial fit for your child.


  • Virgil: An ancient variation on Virgo, the zodiac that dominates most of September.
  • Justice: Reflecting the balanced scales of Libra.


  • Astra: Latin for "of the stars."
  • Libra: After the zodiac sign, symbolizing balance and harmony.

3. Sapphire Inspirations

The birthstone for September is the sapphire, a gemstone associated with wisdom, nobility, and the divine. Why not let this brilliant blue stone inspire your choice?


  • Cyan: A shade of blue reminiscent of sapphires.
  • Safir: A variation of the word sapphire.


  • Sapphire: Directly named after the stunning blue gem.
  • Azura: Meaning 'sky blue,' it echoes the hue of the sapphire.

4. Historical and Cultural References

September is also a month rich in history and culture, offering plenty of naming inspiration.


  • Linus: Celebrating Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize laureate born in September.
  • Julian: After Julian Byng, a September-born war hero.


  • Monica: As in the talented actress Monica Bellucci, born in September.
  • Agatha: The famous mystery writer Agatha Christie was born in September.

5. Names that Literally Mean "September"

Why not choose a name that directly translates to "September"? It's a clear, straightforward way to tie your child's identity to their birth month.


  • Septimus: Latin for "seventh," originally referring to the seventh month in the Roman calendar, which is now September.


  • Nao: In several African languages, it translates to September.

Choosing the perfect name for your September baby can be both exciting and meaningful. We hope this list has inspired you and made your decision-making process a little easier. Happy naming!

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