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Do I need a baby changing mat? - Bullabaloo

Do I need a baby changing mat?

Do I need a baby changing mat?

Many first-time-to-be Mummies often ask themselves, do I need a baby changing mat? And very simply, the answer is, yes!

Baby changing mats are a fantastic bit of kit for your baby, plus they look really great in any nursery, because they protect the floor from all the messes your little one will make while learning how to navigate their own body. They also help keep your baby comfortable and safe while they learn to use their muscles, which means less risk of injury or falling off the table. And finally, they can help you feel organised and prepared by providing a place where you can put everything you need to change a nappy or get your baby dressed, right at hand when you need it most!

Which Baby Changing Mat Is Best?

There are a few different types you can choose from. There are Anti-Roll (or Wedge) Changing Mats. These have high-risen sides which act as a safe-guard so baby doesn't roll off the sides. Particularly important when they come to a few months old and they start to roll all over the place. These type of mats usually fit on top of a baby changing station or a chest of drawers. These tend to be the most in price.

Then you have the basic baby Changing Mat which doesn't have the high-risen sides but is super-comfortable and padded nonetheless. These mats are good on top of a changing station table or chest of drawers also and are more 'malleable' so if space is tight, you could squeeze in the corners or sides if need me without distorting the overall usage of the mat. This type tends to be mid range in price.

Lastly, you have what is called a Travel Changing Mat which is a foldable padded mat that you can easily place into a large changing bag, suitcase if travelling with baby and they can be tucked away neatly at home if space is an issue. Price wise, these tend to be the most affordable.

Do I Need One Of Each Baby Changing Mat?

If your budget can stretch, then we would recommend you keep stock of at least two of the different types. The one we feel is a real must-have is the Travel Changing Mat as you will really go to see how much these portable mats can help when you are out and about. They can be taken to Nanny and Grandads, when out having lunch with a friend and even when you are on holiday.

What's So Great About Baby Changing Mats?

Lots! Here are our favourites reasons;

  • They make changing your baby's nappy much easier and safer.
  • They can be wiped clean with a simple paper towel and water.
  • They can help make nursery decor complete
  • They are usually made from BPA free materials which are safer for baby.

Visit our baby essentials page here and keep an eye out for new changing mats arriving! Looking for nursery styling inspo? Then check out our blog post on Styling A Safari Themed Nursery For Your Little Adventurer here.

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