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Baby Sleep Tips 18-24 Months - Bullabaloo

Baby Sleep Tips 18-24 Months

Welcome to the final part of our baby sleep guide, focusing on toddlers from 18-24 months. At this age, your toddler might start to resist bedtime or experience separation anxiety.

Tip 1: Gradual Weaning of Naps

Most toddlers still need one nap a day, but don't worry if your toddler starts resisting it. Gradually wean them off daytime naps, and adjust bedtime accordingly.

Tip 2: Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Comfort and reassure your child if they show signs of separation anxiety. A favourite toy or blanket can provide extra comfort at bedtime.

Tip 3: Encourage Independence

Allow your toddler to make small decisions about bedtime, like choosing pyjamas or a bedtime story. This can make them more cooperative at bedtime.

Tip 4: Stay Firm on Bedtime Rules

While it's important to be understanding, don't let your toddler's resistance to bedtime break the rules you've established.

NHS - Tips for toddler bedtime routines

With these baby sleep tips, your little one will soon be a champion sleeper. Always remember, each child is unique, so adjust these tips to best suit your child's needs.

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