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Baby Sleep Tips (12-18 Months) - Bullabaloo

Baby Sleep Tips (12-18 Months)

In this edition of our baby sleep guide, we're covering 12-18 months. Toddlers in this age range typically need around 11-14 hours of sleep, including daytime naps.

Tip 1: Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

Consistency is key. Try to keep nap and bedtime schedules consistent, even on weekends.

Tip 2: Watch Out for Overstimulation

Avoid exciting or stimulating activities close to bedtime. Stick to calm, soothing activities to wind down for the night.

Tip 3: Handle Night Terrors and Nightmares

At this age, night terrors or nightmares may start. Comfort and reassure your child after a nightmare and maintain a consistent routine to prevent night terrors.

Tip 4: Manage Transition to a Toddler Bed

If you're transitioning your baby to a toddler bed during this period, ensure the change is gradual and the new bed is safe and comfortable.

NHS - Coping with sleep problems

Remember, patience is your best ally during these changes. With these baby sleep tips, you'll be well-equipped to help your toddler sleep better.

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