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Are Muslin Squares Breathable? - Bullabaloo

Are Muslin Squares Breathable?

Are muslin squares breathable?

If you're thinking of using muslin squares as part of your baby's daily routine, you might be wondering "is muslin breathable". Muslins are traditionally made from cotton, which is a natural fabric that has been used for centuries. They can be used in a number of different ways to help keep your baby comfortable and healthy. However, some people may have concerns about the breathability of muslin squares. 
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Muslin squares, or muslin cloths as they can also be referred to,  are generally considered to be safe for babies and other children. They can be made of 100% cotton or bamboo and are very absorbent, so they're great for swaddling babies and wiping up spills on your little one's face or bottom. They also make excellent burp cloths because they're soft enough not to hurt anyone if they're accidentally placed over sensitive areas like nipples or eyes while feeding or changing nappies (which can happen more often than you'd think).

So what's the verdict on breathable muslin squares?

Can muslins breathe enough for babies? The answer is yes! Muslin fabric is typically very breathable because it's lightweight and porous—meaning it allows air to pass through freely without getting trapped inside like other materials might do (like plastic). Muslin squares are also made with a large open weave which allows air to freely flow.

Without a doubt, every parent will need a stashful of muslin squares or muslin cloths inside their hospital bag, birthing bag and changing bag for daily parenting. Whether you opt for a cotton or bamboo fabric is purely down to personal choice although we have found that our bamboo muslin squares to be more popular than standard cotton purely for its silky soft feeling that is superior than the typical scratchy cotton. Bamboo is also four times more absorbing than cotton and is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial which is excellent for young skin.

Take a look at our collection of marshmallowy-soft muslin squares in a collection of designs but be quick, they do tend to sell out quite quickly as you can never have enough muslins. And if you are wondering "how many muslins do i need?" then you can check out this blog post we created here.


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