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6 Of The Simplest C-Section Tips To Help You Recover Faster - Bullabaloo

6 Of The Simplest C-Section Tips To Help You Recover Faster

6 Of The Simplest C-Section Tips To Help You Recover Faster

Recovering from a c-section (or caesarean section) can be one of the hardest things a woman can do. It is, after all, major abdominal surgery and It is estimated that around 1 in 4 women in the U.K. have a c-section. We've listed below 8 of the best tips to help you recover faster from your c-section whether it was planned (elective) or an emergency.

1. Start moving as soon as you can

Your consultant and midwives will most likely get you to stand up the day after your c-section. You will have a catheter inserted which you probably still won't be able to feel but you will soon learn that the quicker you can become mobile after surgery, the better your recovery. You would have had an epidural which by now, would have worn off so it's important to get the blood flowing and walking slowly, can aid this. Also, walking helps to make your bowels move which in then will help aid you to go to the toilet. 

2. Wear high-waisted underwear

You will have a scar on your bikini line that will be very tender so you want to minimise as much friction within that area. High-waisted underwear is one of the most underrated item and can hugely aid in your comfort post surgery. Wear a size, or even two, above your normal size to allow for extra comfort and support. You will still bleed from your vagina so we would also recommend you opt for period high-waisted underwear which would save you from inserting a sanitary pad. 

3. Wear lightweight lounge / sleepwear

You most likely will be in your sweats for those first few weeks whilst you adjust with a newborn. Opt for super stretchy, lightweight lounge / sleepwear that is temperature regulating. Why temperature regulating? It saves you from buying multiple thicknesses for each changing season and keeps your body at an optimum temperature throughout the day and night. Bamboo sleepwear is the best! It also can help if you spill anything on yourself as it is five times faster at absorbing any liquids than standard cotton. This will help to keep your scar dry too. Check out our Women's Sleepwear that is also excellent for breastfeeding. 

4. Use a pillow to hold your baby

Place a pillow over your tummy so that you can hold baby. This will allow an extra barrier between your scar and your newborn which will feel a lot more comfortable.

5. Fluids & medication

It goes without saying that you must take any medication you have been prescribed whilst drinking lots of fluids. Try and reduce or even avoid caffeine and drink herbal teas if you can. And of course, plenty of water to help moisten your insides.

6. Do not lift anything heavy

A c-section is major surgery which often, people can forget. So it's important that you don't lift anything that could potentially aggravate your stomach muscles. This also includes your new baby but, there are ways you can easily hold your newborn and that's to make sure you are sat down comfortably before doing so.

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