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Unlock a sensory-rich world for your baby with our Ultimate Sensory Bundle in Plant Print. This handpicked set includes a Sensory Swaddle, a 3-pack of Sensory Muslin Squares, and a Pram Blanket, all crafted from 100% organic cotton. The high-contrast plant design across all items engages your baby's developing vision, making each interaction more enriching. From swaddling and tummy time to outdoor strolls, this bundle offers a cohesive, sensory-enhancing experience for both parent and baby. It's the ultimate solution for parents who want to seamlessly incorporate sensory development into everyday life.

Bundle set includes; 

1 x Sensory Muslin Squares 3-Pack Plant Print

1 x Sensory Swaddle Plant Print

1 x Reversible Sensory Satin Pram Blanket Plant + Animal Print

Saving a total of 20% when bought together + free shipping.