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How many muslins do you need? - Bullabaloo

How many muslins do you need?

How many muslins do you need?

how many muslins do you need - bullabaloo

Search inside any parent forum and the answer to "how many muslins do I need?", varies. 

As a rule of thumb, you can't go wrong with around a dozen small muslin cloths. Depending if you have a sicky baby or a baby with reflux, this will determine if you will require more.

The classic saying "buy cheap, buy twice" certainly rings true when it comes to anything and whilst we know times can be tough financially when having a new baby, it's also important to remember that quality really does trump cheap and cheerful. For example, most high street or supermarket branded muslins would be made of cotton which can be ever so scratchy against delicate newborn skin not to mention the absorption wouldn't be as a great as say, muslins made of bamboo; 4 times more absorbing than any cotton. Also, as muslins are washed more times than any other baby accessory, you would want to have ones that don't lose their shape or colour on a hot wash.

So be mindful of what fabric you choose and also understanding that cheap doesn't always mean best as you want to avoid having to buy multiple times and also you would want to have a fabric that is suitable for delicate skin.

How many shall I pack in my hospital bag?

We'd suggest a pack of three small muslins squares would absolutely suffice. You can see some of our packs here.

How many muslins shall I have at home?

We'd suggest around 2 dozen of the small size which is roughly around 60x60cm. This size can be flung over shoulder when burping baby and they fit easily into any changing bag. 

What are large muslins for?

These are usually referred to as swaddles measuring a huge 120x120cm and are simply a larger version of muslin squares. traditionally, the larger size was used for swaddling but these days, with the advancement of sleepsuits like our babygrowsswaddling has become obsolete. But they still make a great tummy time blanket.

How many large muslins should I have?

So, if you are asking yourself how many muslin cloths do i need, we'd recommend a couple being adequate.

You can find our swaddle collection here. Also, we created a blog post asking if muslin squares are breathable which you can find here.


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