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Celebrating Hope and Healing: Bullabaloo’s Rainbow Collection for Rainbow Babies - Bullabaloo

Celebrating Hope and Healing: Bullabaloo’s Rainbow Collection for Rainbow Babies

Rainbow babies – a term filled with hope and healing, symbolising the joyous arrival of a child following the heartache of baby loss. Bullabaloo's Rainbow Collection is not just another product launch; it is a heartfelt tribute to these special babies and a nod to our own journeys of loss and love. This collection, featuring unisex rainbow patterns, is our way of celebrating these precious new lives while honouring the ones that left too soon.

The Reason Behind Our Rainbow Collection

Our Rainbow Collection is deeply personal to the Bullabaloo team. Many of us have experienced the pain of baby loss, and in creating this line, we found a way to channel our grief into something beautiful and meaningful. The collection features muslin squares, swaddles, satin pram blankets, and weighted quilt blankets, all adorned with gentle rainbow motifs of stripes, stars, and hearts.

The Meaning of a Rainbow Baby

The term 'rainbow baby' is used to describe a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or infant loss. These babies are the hopeful rainbows after a storm, symbols of light and promise following a period of darkness and grief.

Understanding Rainbow Baby Symptoms

'Rainbow baby symptoms' is a phrase that often comes up, though it may be a bit misleading. It generally refers to the emotional and psychological experiences of expecting a baby after loss. Parents might feel a complex mix of joy, anxiety, and cautious optimism.

Sunshine Baby vs. Rainbow Baby

A 'sunshine baby' is a term for a child born before experiencing any loss, whereas a 'rainbow baby' comes after. The sunshine baby symbolises the happiness and light before a storm, whereas the rainbow baby represents hope after the storm.

The Specialness of Being a Rainbow Baby

Being a rainbow baby holds a special significance. It represents resilience, hope, and the strength of love. These babies are a heartfelt reminder that joy can emerge from sorrow, bringing healing and renewed hope.

The Rainbow Collection: Comfort and Softness Redefined

Our collection is crafted from our signature blend of bamboo muslin, known for its marshmallowy-soft texture. This gentle fabric is perfect for a baby's sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and care in every product.

Unisex Rainbow Patterns for Every Baby

We chose unisex rainbow designs to make our collection inclusive and accessible. Whether it’s the playful stripes, the whimsical stars, or the charming hearts, each pattern is a testament to love and resilience.

From Swaddles to Weighted Blankets: A Range for Every Need

The Rainbow Collection includes:

  • Swaddles: Perfect for comforting and swaddling your baby in a soft embrace.

Bullabaloo: More Than Just Baby Products

At Bullabaloo, we understand the profound journey of parenthood, with all its highs and lows. This collection is our way of standing with those who have experienced loss, celebrating the new beginnings, and cherishing the memories of those who are forever in our hearts.


The Rainbow Collection by Bullabaloo is more than just baby products; it’s a symbol of hope, healing, and love. It’s our way of honouring rainbow babies and their families, offering comfort, and celebrating life after loss.

You can view our heartfelt Rainbow Collection here.

Susanna Morrison

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