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What Sets It Apart:

  • Chic unisex Rainbow Hearts print
  • Crafted from the softest triple-layered bamboo muslin
  • Enhanced with our unique luxurious satin trim
  • Coordinating items available

Our exquisite Pram Blanket is designed to accompany your little one from infancy through their toddler years and beyond. Meticulously made from the softest triple-layered bamboo muslin, it's exceptionally soft against delicate skin and offers superior comfort and warmth whilst not overheating. 

We've incorporated our signature satin trim, a feature cherished for its remarkable ability to soothe and settle even the most restless babies. The silky-smooth edge invites little fingers to stroke and twiddle, providing a comforting and tactile experience that promotes calm and contentment.

Comes beautifully packaged in our crisp white gift boxes making them a popular new baby gift.