Our pyjama fabric sits close to the skin without it feeling tight thanks to the optimum amount of stretch we've woven in. They will therefore feel like your baby or child is in a warming embrace of a parents' hug or even more so, they may subconsciously feel like they are back inside Mummy's womb. Our bamboo fabric is incredibly breathable and lightweight so baby will never overheat or get too cold. It's truly a win win situation!

Our bamboo fabric is so lightweight that it'll fold into the tiniest of suitcases. It's perfect for both hot and cold destinations as our unique bamboo fabric will adapt to any climate you are in so your child's body temperature will always be regulated.

We use bamboo fabric which is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. What this means is that it won't harbour any bacteria which can develop from sweat whilst reducing flair ups and scratching for eczema-prone skin. Chicken Pox on the horizon? Then your little one will absolutely benefit from our pyjamas to stop scratching head-on whilst giving everyone a better night's sleep.

We designed our pyjamas to have no internal labels, tags or buttons which can irritate children with sensory challenges. The stretchy fabric also allows any medical attachments to be used easily whilst our mega-absorbing bamboo fabric will soak up any accidents in record time without irritation or causing too much disturbance.