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What Are Muslins?

What are muslins?

Quite simply, Muslins are a lightweight, finely-woven piece of material often made from either cotton or bamboo viscose. As a parent, they will be one of your most used items on a daily basis.

What Can You Use Muslins For?

For one product, there are a ton of ways to utilise them and here are the most common;

  • to wipe away any spit ups, milk or food spillages
  • you can lay one on a changing mat to make it less cold for babys' bottom
  • you can use one as a make-shift bib - simply tie around baby' neck loosely
  • whilst breastfeeding to cover your delicate areas away from public sight
  • you can wipe away a dirty face, hands and even equipment such as prams
  • a great comforting blanket for baby to hold
  • a pram blanket as they're so insulating
  • to shade from the sun - just make sure you leave space for air to flow

Why Are Muslins So Great?

Simply put, Muslins are able to do more than one thing and as any new parent would say, it's better to have one product that does multiple things. Here's some other brownie points;

  • they're super absorbing, especially ours which are made of bamboo fibre
  • they fold up into the smallest of spaces
  • they wash easily
  • they're breathable which is safe for baby
  • some can even be antibacterial and hypoallergenic like ours thanks to our bamboo fabric!

We make the softest Muslin Squares from bamboo which is sustainable and super kind to young skin. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial meaning it wont harbour any bugs and if your baby has sensitive skin such as eczema, all of our Muslins will reduce flair ups and scratching. They make perfectly-practical Baby Shower gifts too and any expectant Mummy would be delighted to some some.

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